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Tap or swipe mobile gestures? Which gesture should you include in your mobile app UI design?

Usability is an essential aspect of mobile app UI design. As users expect superior ease and functionality from mobile touch mechanics. Therefore,  clickable buttons are being replaced by mobile gestures.

The most basic use of animation is in transitions. The logic behind this type of animation is to help the user comprehend the change.  In other words, it triggers the change and how to initiate the change again later on. A classic example is a hamburger button that toggles hidden content.

Tab to appear is similar but refers to the menu sections. This animation works as a gesture that magically exposes what title is hidden behind an icon. Very impressive and fun.

Animation is powerful when using in a sophisticated way. It adds life to any design. It engages users in even the most routine tasks and of course makes you stand out from above the crowd. Creative animations make the experience feel crafted.

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