UI/UX Case Study Template

UI/UX Case Study Template is a Google Docs freebie. 

As UI/UX and product designers, the most important instrument we have as designers to propel our career forward; to attract desirable jobs, clients and projects, lies in our ability to effectively showcase and explain the work that we’ve done. For a UI/UX designer, case studies are the main way in which we do that. Contrary to popular belief however, it’s not enough to simply list the projects you’ve worked on, show your deliverables and talk about your process.

A case study is an in-depth breakdown of a single project that a designer has done. A UI/UX case study can range in detail, but is commonly used to showcase the intricacies of a designer’s problem solving and visual design skills. Case studies can be created as stand-alone examples or included in a portfolio. Case studies are particularly important for UI/UX and product designers because so much of what employers and clients want to see is not just what we do, but how and why we do it. An in-depth case study is a designers best chance of illustrating that.

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UI/UX Case Study Template made Mazen Pacha.

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