Digital Wallet Mobile App

Digital Wallet Mobile App

Digital Wallet Mobile App is Adobe Xd freebie.

It has a modern interface that is user friendly and will charge your creativity with many ideas when approaching your own wallet design. The template includes display screens, icons, charts, grids, and other design elements. You could see how it looks when you sign out or sign in; there are also small descriptions about each item, page, and element. This template is perfect for you to start building your wallet app or website rather than starting from scratch and is provided in Adobe XD format.

Application design that identifies your different card payment system and offers secure shipping without waiting over the shops and cafe-restaurant systems you visit.

Also, Value Wallet is a super application that includes +68 high-quality screens to help you launch digital wallet application projects and speed up your design process. AdobeXD makes it easy to customize the app to create impressive projects.

You can see the designs of shopping, tracking, and card identification screens. In the App, you can expenditure groups and keeping track of monthly and annual expenses on Value Wallet. Moreover, on Profile, there are specific settings, currency, and descriptions.
Digital Wallet Mobile App was designed
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