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Fitness Tracker App adobe xd screen activity tracker

Fitness App UI Design is Adobe XD freebie.

Sports is a part of our routine a long time ago. Even more, today a healthy lifestyle is a top trend that constantly grows its popularity across the world. Fitness apps are the key helpers for people who strive to get fit.  People who aim at getting fit always have to do various physical activities.

Fitness apps provide users with the feature, which helps to track how active they are during a day. To make a sufficient UI for activity screen, designers include different kinds of activities and sports. Traditionally, fitness apps provide tracking time spent on sports as well as measuring the distance which users cover during a day. The number of steps and running can be changed in miles or kilometers.

Since the process of pulse measuring takes some time it may be a good idea to supply the UI with sufficient animation which will show the loading process. For example, motion designers can animate an illustration of the heart, showing it beats. Custom illustrations along with motion design can make UI look more proficient and make the process of the pulse measuring more interactive.

Nice sleep is a guarantee of human health. Sportspeople know it better than anyone else and always try to control the time and quality of their sleep. Fitness apps show the gathered information during a night which includes the time and stages of sleep.  The applications track stages and in the morning users can see the statistics. Graphs show the data on sleep.

Finally, the sport requires persistence and fortitude and so does the creation of sufficient UI design.

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