3D Cartoon Hands

3D Cartoon Hands Illustrations is a Figma freebie.

If you look at the landscape of web design today, it’s evident that visual graphics elements are taking over. From simple icon fonts to dynamic shapes. To full-blown illustrations that strengthen the brand image. This post will show you illustrations for your web design project.

So, how the illustrations have become such a distinct trend in web design? For one, visual design elements provide a lot of versatility. Also you can use an illustration to convey the entire purpose of your product or service. Moreover do it without having to write twenty paragraphs about it.

And best of all, you don’t need to go out of your way to hire or outsource a graphics designer. Continuously there are plenty of creators who have dedicated their time and effort to provide the designer community with plenty of free illustrations.

Palms illustration pack has 5 signs to share with your audience. Choose any of them to share your thoughts and present your idea clearly. Whether you’re working on web or mobile app. Palms package perfectly fits any design with its colorful or calm palette. Finally, all elements are available in Figma format for free.

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